China Lantern Festival in Vienna

What  would it be like when China's  handmade silk lanterns  match with the blue  Danube and the night sky of  Austria?  From September 1st,  2016 to October 9th,  visit  Vienna Danube Island,  and  you  will see  the answer  for yourself.


Chinese  Lantern Festival, since  the Han Dynasty,  has a  history of more  than two  thousand years. It  is passed down from  ancient times  to present,  from imperial  palace  to folk places;  it is also  the condensation of several generations of craftsmanship. From September  1st,  2016 to October 9th,  2016, China's traditional lantern is  held in  Austria, where the light of the beautiful Danube Island  will be lighted up,  and  more foreign visitors  will  have  the opportunity to feel the charm of Chinese  culture.

This  International  Lantern Festival was jointly hosted by the Sichuan Provincial People's  government and the Sichuan Provincial Overseas Exchange Association. It opened  on the evening of August 23rd in Vienna Danube Island, and will  officially  open to the public in September 1, 2016. This is also one of the activities to  celebrate the 45th anniversary of  establishment  of diplomatic relations between China and  Austria.

In  this  Lantern Festival, the  Chinese lantern  dragon, lovely  panda, the magnificent Tiantan temple  are presented,  and  also  visitors  can see the lantern version of John Strauss, the  lantern Vienna  State Opera,  and  elements of Western cultures.  These buildings, characters,  animals, and all kinds of colorful lanterns were  made in Chengdu by craftsmen using silk, bamboo and steel, and some of them are  even up to 20 meters. After  being manufactured in Chengdu, the lanterns were uninstalled into smaller  pieces. It  took 13 days for all the  components of  exhibits to be transported from China to Poland by train, and from there  containers  of components  were sent to the Danube island. These  components after  arrived  in Vienna at the end of July,  and then it  took our workers  a month  to install,  and  finally we  have this exquisite and stunning lantern  festival  in this  70-thousand-square-meter  Danube Island.


Austria  speaker Harald Koppitz had also expressed appreciation for the Chinese  lanterns  and  Western elements. He believes that although the form is different, but all  traditions are representative of human nature, and human nature is interlinked.  It  is easier for Westerners to approach  the Oriental culture through the cultural blend of this Lantern  festival.

Sichuan provincial Party Committee Mr. Zum Gao Ha (right) and  first  president  of the  Vienna legislature Mr.  Harry  Kecibi(right two).

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