Perceiving China, Global Lantern Festival -- Chinese Lantern Festival in Hamburg

Chinese  Lantern Festival  in Hamburg is  one  of a series of activities “Perceiving  China”  which is  jointly organized by Information Office of  State Council, People's Republic of China Chinese Embassy in Germany and the  German Hamburg municipal government, hosted  by the  Sichuan Provincial People's Government Information Office and the Zigong  Municipal People's Government,  with supports from  Zigong Dengcai Lantern Group  and DDM company of Canada. This is the first time to  hold a Chinese  Lantern Festival in Hamburg  to  light  the  G20 summit,  and also the first time to hold a lantern festival under the brand  name  of “Global  Lantern Festival”  outside China. It is aimed at  further promoting  and developing  the friendship between China and Germany, and providing a Chinese traditional  Lantern Festival with rich oriental culture for the guests of Hamburg G20  summit and  Hamburg citizens.

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