The 23rd International Dinosaur Lantern Festival

Opening ceremony of the  23rd  Zigong International  Dinosaur  Lantern Festival


The  grand  opening of the 23rd  Zigong International  Dinosaur  Lantern  Festival  is finally held.  Our  lanterns "Phoenix  singing for spring",  "Colorful Silk Road", "Beautiful  Sichuan", "Peter Rabbit" and other receive  the attention and  praises of  visitors  with the  rich cultural connotations  and stunning  art forms.


A  golden  phoenix  with  beautiful  wings and colorful feathers forms  a magical time tunnel.  "Phoenix  singing for spring”  integrates  a typical gate for traditional  Spring Festival Lantern Festival  with porch  and channel.  With  transparent acrylic light and special  light  effect to a magnificent dream  is formed to bring  tourists into  a  wonderland.


In  the "Colorful Silk Road" lantern,  we  add features of different countries along  "Belt and Road”: windmill of  Holland,  Colossseum of  Italy,  the Greek island of Santorini, the horn of Africa, Sri Lanka, Fuzhou  ship administration  culture, sculptures  of  Xi'an, Trinity  Church of Kyrgyzstan......  Tourists can enjoy exotic cultures.


Lantern  "Beautiful  Sichuan" gives  a broad  glance  of  Sichuan  characteristics: Sichuan  ancestors  are  drilling wood to make fire in forest;  Li Bing and his  son  are  viewing  Dujiangyan,  which  ushered  in a new era of Chinese ancient history of water conservancy; Sanxingdui  archaeological secrets;  the Leshan Giant Buddha; cute  pandas;  tea culture, hot  pot culture, opera  culture, shadow  puppetry  culture.  These Sichuan elements are shown with  our lanterns,  enough to make every Sichuanese proud.

Lantern  "Peter Rabbit" is the only  lantern that is granted with  internationally renowned brand licensing. The  joyful  Peter Rabbit hops  from  the distant British family to Zigong Lantern Park, busy  with building  houses, planting crops, reading  newspapers  and running a grocery store  here. The  lovely  image  of Peter Rabbit is well received by viewers,  especially the children.

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