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Merged in July 2016, Zigong Lantern Culture & Industry Group is the fruit of joint efforts made by multiple reputated Zigong lantern culture enterprises and an investment company from Shenzhen.

We are dedicated to disseminating traditional Chinese cultures and telling wonderful stories around the globe with our lantern products. Our scope of business covers a wide range from lantern exhibition, lantern design, simulated dinosaurs, simulated animals to landscape design and horticultural design.

With our own brand “Chinese Lantern Festival”, we have been enthusiastic in exploring international markets, active in expanding cooperation modes and passionate in sharing with the world the essence of Chinese lantern cultures and contributing to the diversity of world cultures. We have held lantern exhibitions in over 30 cities in 16 foreign countries (such as USA, U.K., Germany, France, Canada, Holland, Northern Ireland, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, etc.), and more than 200 cities and regions in China.

We are the only lantern culture company that possesses official brand licensing of international brands which include Hasbro, Orange International Group, DDM from Canada and others. Our cultural brands “Chinese Lantern Festival”, “Chinese Panda Festival” and “Global Lantern Festival” have also been registered overseas. 

Our export volume and domestic sales of lantern products are rising at an accelerating speed. In May 2016, we won the Asia Achievement Award by Committee of Korea Festival Contents Awards, In November 2016, our lantern exhibition “Illumination”in Gilroy Gardens, California, was awarded Brass Ring Winner by International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA). 

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